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HAN KOOK Hamburg
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New TUH board

Our annual general meeting of the Taekwondo Union Hamburg was on Tuesday March 5th, 2024. This is the regional association of DTU Taekwondo in Hamburg.

This year there were elections again for a new legislative period. Some long-standing members of the board withdrew from their positions.

Hamid Rahimi (President), Herbert Espig (Vice President Economics and Finance), Matthias Behn (Vice President Technology), Oliver Just (Education Officer) have made their positions available. Minette Strand (Vice President of Popular Sports) was elected as youth leader in the run-up to the association meeting and was therefore no longer up for election.

So we have a new board in Hamburg, which is composed as follows:

  • President of the TUH - Michel Mialki (Hamburger Sportfreunde)
  • Vice President Economics and Finance - Adele Marschner (Hamburger Sportfreunde)
  • Vice President of Popular Sports - Oktay Cakir (Tangun)
  • Vice President Full Contact - Ümit Kalkan (SC Europa)
  • Vice President of Technology - not awarded!
  • Examination officer - Stephan Lorenzen (1. SC Norderstedt)
  • Education Officer - Jasper (Just Taekwondo)
  • Sports official - Hassan Nourani
  • Referee referee - Lars Nelke (SC Poppenbüttel)
  • Public - not awarded!
  • Auditors
    • Enrico Dickert (SC Poppenbüttel)
    • Jens Rath (1. SC Norderstedt)

사범님 Enrico DICKERT
관장 디커트엔리코
한국 함부르크 태권도장

2024년 3월 9일

int. Nordic Open 2024

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Last Saturday (February 24, 2024) the international Nordic Open took place again in Kaltenkirchen.

The Taekwondo department of the Poppenbüttel sports club also took part in this event. We were able to achieve great success again with a clearly sized team. Our tournament newcomers were also able to hold their own.

We had many interesting battles with all kinds of surprises. At 4 p.m. we were able to head home with 3 first places, 2 second places and a third place.

Congratulations to all of you. We are proud of you.

사범님 Enrico DICKERT
관장 디커트엔리코
한국 함부르크 태권도장

2024년 2월 24일

Bilder von unserem letzten Weihnachtstraining 2023 (21.12.2023)
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Haidong Gumdo-Gruppe
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